Sugar + Butter Baking Co.'s owner, Sarah McKie, has loved baking, cookie artistry and recipe development since childhood. Fast-forward to mom-life with two small children, Sarah rediscovered her love of baking and taught herself the intricate craft of cookie decorating. Before long, Sarah found herself devoted to the challenge of bringing her artistic visions to life and in 2018, Sugar + Butter Baking Co. was born.

Today, Sarah is a leading cookie artist and baker in the Niagara Region. Each cookie is handmade, meticulously designed and decorated with love. In addition to custom cookies, Sugar + Butter Baking Co. offers cookie gift sets for every holiday, do-it-yourself decorating kits for kids and a growing menu of other sweet treats. 

Coming in Summer 2021, the Sugar + Butter Baking Co. Shop & Bakery will open in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario, along with an online shop, offering local products, professional baking supplies and Sarah's beautiful and delicious baked goods.